Thursday, April 2, 2009


this is me in my prime
and i've got lots of time
it's really important
my fickle task
and you'll never ask
repeating and constant
dissolving the grime
this is me in my prime

the clouds break as if for the first time
it's blurry, not tangible and hanging on a line
a gust caresses it and helps it away
my mind follows but my body, it will stay

they travel on four and have it all right
rest in the shade and bask in the bright
let go of themselves yet hold on to their form
we think they're askew and not of the norm

the presence of decay does not worry me
the absence of beauty negates my will to be
a genuine care told by your handshake
can attempt to heal, resurrect and alleviate

one-fourth there, i reflect
and savor the faces i tried to collect
i can only be the sum of my parts
broken skin and an antimatter heart

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