Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the animals

i was never really in the deal
muggy air escapes the seal
i'm hopeless when i try to feel

and the animals are buying

the leaking cup is never full
half is enough to help me pull
but hell it iches me like wool

and the animals are dining

and i rip the tree from its root
for it will only bear my fruit
when i sail away within a suit

and the animals are whining

i'm discreetly resting in the sand
my expenditures are always grand
i'm taking off and i'm not manned

and the animals are hiding

the glass floor helps me see my fault
my conscience rules me by default
my icy path without the salt

and the animals are trying

in the black hole i can see the light
i don't exist to do what's right
the intentions clip my wings of flight

and the animals are lying

i'll rip my body limb from limb
these imperfections i will always trim
my foggy eyes are never dim

and the animals are frying

i'm anything but everything
defeated and yet still i sing
it's not the same as ranting

and the animals are crying

i've been first and i've been last
my expired role will be recast
now set the sails i'll run the mast

and the animals are dying

i'm sure they all went buying
and i know they loved the dining
but they never would stop whining
and i found them in their hiding
but at least they all were trying
it didn't help that they were lying
for all together they are frying
i'm the reason they are crying
and i won't help them when they're dying.

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