Sunday, April 19, 2009

it's bleak but i have hope

my patience is the gluestick that binds
the corners lift the middle rips and the paper falls behind
i found the sheet my only treat as the stick takes a second seat
but the glue will grasp again

birds don't know how lucky they are
until their wings are clipped and suddenly the nest is far
some will pray while others lay but most will look the other way
the birds have open eyes

my weakened breath sends out the smoke
from the fire inside you lit when you lied and told me that you tried
i'm thankful to be bright when it feels like an ocean of night
the smoke will disappear

if i add together my love and care
and remove your photo frame i'm the only one to blame
the sum of your thoughts equate to my feeling of loss
math was never my forté

why does the winter world
beat me when i'm down and hold me while i drown
wind as if to taunt and ultimately flaunt the man she doesn't want
it's getting really cold

the plane only flies
because we gave it wings and believed in our dreams
like a failure to grow together through this horrible stormy weather
i think i got confused

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