Wednesday, April 8, 2009


the hours of absence and abandonment
crushed what was left of that styrofoam cup
disposed of the waste that will always remain
yet lifted me to a higher place

onwards and upwards they say but those lies
will never set the sail on the leaking boat
the anxiety swells and it swells as i cower and dwell
for i hold my esteem on a platter served to your highness

it seems like i point the barrel to my head
with welcoming arms the sorrow holds me under
the bellowing waves and i gasp and i gasp
but i surface in time to see your fucking face

the further you walk the faster i follow
like a wide-eyed child with endless hopes and dreams
yet to be doused as they burn on the side of the road
by a fire you lit with your ignorance

how long can i wait as the days start to blend
and the night hides the day and the colors are gone
the only relief i can feel is severed when i wake ripped from my hands
but at least it sculpts a miserable smile from your broken mouth

i can finally release and complete
the delerious art underneath the stage
as you unwillingly perform your final cherade
i will burst through the ground and take what's mine

give me a random hello i want the chance to say no
for once i will thrust you away and not stay if i may
hold you back while you enter my head instead of a son
you were never the one

yet here i stand a man with no plan as the fan that i ran
aims the air that i breathe through your perfect hair and around
the skin that i long to explore like the bottoms of oceans
and the valuable words you utter behind locked closed doors

if i hold you in my arms my intentions will force
the great collapse and divide and i'll finally succumb
to your luring force which strips my freedom to be
and my mobility sees that nothing is free and there is no we

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